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February 8, 2024

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A coloring page of Gorilla

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15 Things to do with Gorilla Coloring Pages

Breathe fresh life into your child’s art hour and expand their creativity with gorilla coloring pages. Here we share 15 unique and fun ideas to optimize the use of these coloring pages. Let’s dive in!

1. Learn Gorilla Anatomy

With gorilla coloring pages, not only can your child have fun, but they can also learn about the anatomy of the gorilla. Help them identify the different body parts and characteristics of a gorilla while they color. It’s education and entertainment in one!

2. Create a Jungle Themed Bedroom

Use the colored pages to decorate your child’s room with a jungle theme. You can frame them or use them to create a border around the room- the possibilities are endless! This is a fun and inexpensive way to redecorate while letting your child’s creativity shine.

3. Explore Different Art Mediums

Instead of using regular crayons, have your child use other art mediums on the gorilla coloring pages. This can be anything from colored pencils, pastels, watercolor, or even 3D painting. This will keep their coloring sessions fresh and exciting.

4. Origami Art

Who says coloring pages can only be colored? Use the gorilla coloring pages to create origami art. Fold them into different shapes or even create 3D gorillas. The possibilities are endless.

5. Gorilla Story Time

Create stories around the colored gorilla pages. Your child could talk about the gorilla’s color, environment, family, food, and other adventures the gorilla might get into. This will help improve their visualization and storytelling skills.

6. Scrapbooking

Use the completed gorilla coloring pages for scrapbooking. You can document your child’s artistic journey over time by including dates and notes alongside the gorillas in a scrapbook.

7. Family Color Off

Make it a family affair by having everyone take a gorilla page to color. This is a fun way to bring the family together and create shared memories, all while fostering a spirit of friendly competition.

8. Homemade Gorilla Puzzle

Create a homemade puzzle by cutting up the colored gorilla pages into different shapes. This is a fun activity that will test your child’s creativity and logical thinking.

9. Learn About Gorilla Habitats

While coloring the gorillas, talk about the different habitats where they live. Incorporate this into the coloring page setting for a fun, educational twist.

10. Gorilla Art Auction

Host a pretend art auction at home with the completed gorilla pages. This will help validate their creativity and also teaches them about the concept of value and auctioning.

11. Teach About EndangeredSpecies

Gorilla coloring pages present a unique opportunity to educate your child about endangered species, conservation, and the importance of protecting our natural environment.

12. Art Therapy

Coloring can be very therapeutic for children, providing a fantastic stress and anxiety relief tool. Provide them with gorilla coloring pages to help them relax and express their creativity.

13. Gorilla-Inspired Crafts

Extrapolate the gorilla sheets into craft projects. This could include creating gorilla puppets or an interactive gorilla wall hanging.

14. Interactive Learning Activity

Make the gorilla coloring pages an interactive learning activity by adding flashcards to teach new words, or use it as an aid to teach counting or the alphabet.

15. Create a Gorilla Book

Compile all of the colored gorilla pages into a homemade book. Label each page with what they’ve learned, making it a great keepsake of their artistic journey.

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