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February 8, 2024

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A coloring page of Monkey

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11 Things to do with Monkey Coloring Pages

11 Things to do with Monkey Coloring Pages

Looking for creative and fun-filled activities that incorporate monkey coloring pages? You’re at the right place. Here, we’ll share with you 11 interesting things that you can do with your kids using these delightful coloring pages.

1. Traditional Coloring

Start off with conventional crayon or color pencil work. Enhancing the monkey coloring pages with a multitude of colors not only boost your child’s creativity but also facilitate their fine motor skills.

2. Glitter Glue Decor

Why not add a bit of sparkle? Decorate your monkey coloring pages with glitter glue. This will surely captivate your child’s interest and add an extra layer of fun to the coloring session.

3. Collage Art

Turn your monkey coloring pages into stunning collage art. You can cut out the parts and paste them onto a canvas or cardboard for a 3-dimensional look. A great way for kids to express their creativity.

4. Storytelling Session

Encourage your child to create a story revolving around their colored monkeys. This leads to improved vocabulary and language development while having fun with monkey coloring pages.

5. Puppet Making

Transform your monkey coloring pages into adorable puppets. Kids can stage a puppet show for friends and family, boosting their confidence and communication skills.

6. Mobile Making

Make colorful hanging mobiles out of monkey coloring pages. It’s a wonderful decorating idea for your kid’s room.

7. Mask Making

Get crafty and convert the monkey faces from your coloring pages into masks. A fun-filled activity that would be perfect for themed parties or and role-plays.

8. T-shirt Printing

Proudly display your child’s coloring art! Screenprint the colored monkey onto a T-shirt for a personalized style statement.

9. Decoupage

Use the colored monkey pages for decoupage projects. Paste the cut-out images on various surfaces to create a masterpiece.

10. Bookmark Making

Encourage reading by transforming these monkey coloring pages into bookmarks. It’s a simple yet impactful way to promote literacy in young children.

11. Scrapbooking

Preserve these monkey coloring pages in a scrapbook as pleasant keepsakes. As your child grows, they would appreciate the memories made with these coloring pages.

So, embrace these monkey coloring pages and embark upon a delightful, creative journey with your kids!

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