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February 8, 2024

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A coloring page of Panda

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19 Things to Do With Panda Coloring Pages

Delight in the Charm of Panda Coloring Pages

Welcome to our exciting world of activity ideas centered around panda coloring pages!
Pandas are endearing creatures, their serene demeanor and charming appearances have a special place in our hearts.
Now, let’s delve into nineteen fascinating ways of using panda coloring pages, breathing life into these adorable animals on paper.

1. Family Coloring Time

Create memories and bond with your loved ones over a fun-filled coloring session.
Simply print out our Panda Coloring Pages and spread them out on your coffee table.
See how everyone brings their unique creativity to these monochromatic animals.

2. Classroom Art Project

For teachers looking to integrate an art project into their lesson about pandas or endangered species, our Panda Coloring Pages make a resourceful tool.
Children can learn while also expressing their creativity.

3. Wall Art

Once you’ve colored these Panda Coloring Pages, consider using them as wall art.
They easily transform into beautiful interior decorations when placed in picture frames.

4. Greeting Cards

Turn your Panda Coloring Pages into personalized greeting cards.
Color it, cut it, and simply paste it on a cardstock for a uniquely adorable message to a loved one.

5. Party Activity

Keep little ones busy during a birthday party or a gathering with our Panda Coloring Pages.
It’s a fun way for them to engage and interact, going home with a stunning party favor they made themselves!

6. Quilt Patterns

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, turn these Panda Coloring Pages into patterns for a homemade quilt.
Color in your panda with fabric markers, then sew together for an artistic masterpiece!

7. Color by Number

Create your own exciting ‘Color by Number’ game using these Panda Coloring Pages.
Assign each section of the panda a number corresponding to a specific color for a fun and educational exercise.

8. Thanksgiving Table Settings

Keep the young ones entertained during dinner by using Panda Coloring Pages as unique Thanksgiving placemats.
They’ll stay happily busy while the grown-ups enjoy their meal.

9. Origami Paper

Express your creativity by turning these Panda Coloring Pages into Origami paper.
After coloring in your panda, fold it into a beautiful Origami creation.


Transform your Panda Coloring Pages into adorable bookmarks.
After coloring, cut them into bookmark shapes, laminate and add a tassel to complete the look!

11. Scrapbooking

Enhance your scrapbooking game by adding colored Panda Coloring Pages into the mix.
These cute pandan-themed pages can add a touch of whimsy to your memories.

12. Decoupage

Our Panda Coloring Pages can also be used for decoupage. Cut, color, and paste your designs onto a variety of surfaces, creating a panda-themed mosaic of art!

13. Coloring Competition

Why not hold a friendly coloring competition? Encourage everyone to use our Panda Coloring Pages and see who can create the most vibrant, eye-catching panda!

14. Make a Calendar

With a little craftiness and creativity, you can turn Panda Coloring Pages into a custom calendar. Simply color the pandas, attach them to monthly calendar pages, and voila!

15. Wrapping Paper

For a personal touch, use colored Panda Coloring Pages as unique wrapping paper for small gifts. It’s sustainable and shows the extra thought you’ve put into the process.

16. Fridge Art

Jazz up your fridge by displaying your colored Panda Coloring Pages. It’s a cute reminder of your fun coloring session and an easy way to add color to your kitchen.

17. Themed Party Decorations

For a panda-themed party, our Panda Coloring Pages can serve as fun and cost-effective DIY decorations. Simply color, cut out and hang to create adorable décor.

18. Paper Puppets

Try your hand at creating paper puppets with your Panda Coloring Pages. All you need is a bit of coloring, cutting, and a stick to attach to your panda for hours of fun.

19. Panda Appreciation Day Celebration

On Panda Appreciation Day, hosting a get-together and use Panda Coloring Pages as an engaging activity for your guests. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate these endearing creatures while exploring your creativity.

There’s no limit to what you can do with our Panda Coloring Pages! Get your creativity flowing and dive into hours of enjoyable coloring. We can’t wait to see your creations!

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