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February 8, 2024

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A coloring page of Peacock

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21 Things to Do with Peacock Coloring Pages

Get ready to unleash your creativity with peacock coloring pages! Here at our website, we believe that peacock coloring pages aren’t just for coloring in the traditional sense. Let’s explore twenty-one engaging ways to utilize your peacock coloring pages.

1. Create a Decoupage

Transform your peacock coloring pages into an incredible decoupage. All you need is some glue and a surface to work on, and you can create a stunning visual display that everyone will admire!

2. DIY Wrapping Paper

Make your gift wrapping as unique as the gift itself. Use your colored peacock pages as DIY wrapping paper. It adds a personal touch and is a doubly exciting surprise!

3. Art Journaling

Add some color and texture to your journal pages by including portions of your finished peacock coloring pages. This creates a unique background that can inspire your journaling.

4. Craft Unique Bookmarks

Create personalized bookmarks using your colored peacock pages. These make great gifts and are also perfect for personal use. A splash of color peeking out from a book can brighten any reader’s day!

5. Home Decoration

Frame and hang your finished peacock coloring pages on walls. Apart from filling your room with lively colors, it adds a burst of your personality into your living space.

6. DIY Greeting Cards

Turn your peacock coloring pages into unique DIY greeting cards. Show your loved ones your creativity by gifting them handmade cards on special occasions.

7. Scrapbooking

Enhance your scrapbooks with beautiful peacock designs. They make great page fillers and can break up blocks of text in a visually pleasing way.

8. Origami Art

Transform your peacock coloring pages into captivating origami art pieces. A little folding here, a bit of shaping there, and voila – you’ve got a stunning piece of art!

9. Construct a Colorful Collage

Create collages using your finished peacock coloring pages for an aesthetic appeal. It’s an incredible way to express your creative side.

10. Design a Quilt Pattern

Try out quilting. Design a stunning quilt pattern using your colored pages. The vibrant colors make the quilt visually appealing and heartwarming.

11. Custom Cabochon Jewelry

Ever thought of incorporating your coloring pages into a piece of jewelry? Use custom cabochon settings to create unique, personalized jewelry pieces.

12. Create your Graphic Tees

Transfer the design onto a t-shirt. Add some personality to your clothing range with the artistic peacock designs.

13. Make a Mobile

Hang your colored peacocks from a mobile. It adds a personal touch and could be a fun project to do with your kids.

14. Create Stationery

Create your stationery using the colored pages. They would make great letterheads or notepads, adding a bit of personality to your everyday items.

15. Peacock Themed Party

Use the pages for a peacock-themed party. The colored pages can make great party decorations, invitations, or thank you cards.

16. DIY Puzzles

Create puzzles from your colored pages. It’s a fun way to repurpose your artwork and can provide hours of entertainment.

17. Wall Decals

Use your colored pages for creating wall decals. They’re removable and can customize and refresh any space.

18. Make Placemats

Create custom placemats for your dining table. They’re easy to create and can be a great conversation starter at meals.

19. Personalized Mugs

Transfer the designs on mugs for a personalized touch. It’s another fun way to display your artwork.

20. Coasters

Create custom coasters for your living or dining room. Coasters with peacock designs can add a dash of color and personalized charm to any casual get-together.

21. Peacock Calendar

Use the peacock coloring pages for a DIY calendar. Each month will be a new splash of color and an enduring reminder of your creativity!

Peacock coloring pages aren’t just to color between the lines. So, choose your favorite idea from this list and start having fun!

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