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February 8, 2024

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A coloring page of Squirrel

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23 Things to Do with Squirrel Coloring Pages

23 Things to Do with Squirrel Coloring Pages

Immerse yourself in a world of fun and creativity with our extensive collection of squirrel coloring pages. Here, we share 23 creative and entertaining ideas to take your coloring adventure to the next level.

1. Decorate Your Room

What better way to adorn your walls than with your own art? Color your squirrel pages and hang them around your room to add color and personal touch.

2. Make a Personalized Calendar

Create your own unique calendar using squirrel coloring pages. For each month, choose a coloring sheet, then add dates below.

3. Create Your Storybook

Use squirrel coloring pages to craft your story. Color each squirrel differently, representing different characters and build an imaginative story around them.

4. Family Coloring Competition

Pick your pens or crayons, distribute the squirrel coloring pages among your family members and declare a coloring competition. It’s a fun way to spend quality time together.

5. Greeting Cards

Cut out and color unique squirrel images then stick them on card papers and you have your handmade greeting cards ready.

6. Party Invitations

Planning a party? Use your squirrel coloring pages as invitations. Hand color each and jot down the details on the back.

7. DIY Squirrel Puzzle

Provide a challenging and engaging activity for your kids. Color your squirrel images, glue them on a cardboard, and cut them into various shapes. You have a DIY jigsaw puzzle ready!

8. Squirrel Themed Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your little one? Incorporate squirrel coloring pages in your party games. A pin the tail on the squirrel game would be a fun idea!

9. Educational Tool

Utilize squirrel coloring pages as a teaching tool. Allow kids to label body parts for a fun learning experience.

10. Poster Making

Create a giant poster using your colored squirrel images. Stitch together multiple colored pages to form an awesome squirrel collage.

11. Arts and Crafts

Cut colored squirrel pages into different shapes and use them in your crafts projects. Let your creativity run wild!

12. Scrapbooking

A squirrel-themed scrapbook is a fun and creative project. Incorporate colored squirrel images to brighten your pages.

13. T-Shirt Printing

Transfer your colored squirrel images onto a t-shirt. It’s a creative way to personalize your outfit.

14. Decoupage

Revamp your old furniture pieces by decoupage with your squirrel coloring sheets. It’s an enjoyable DIY project!

15. Origami

The texture of coloring pages provides a perfect base for origami. Fold colored sheets into different shapes and create a squirrel forest!


You can cut out colored squirrel images and attach them to a strip of card paper to create bookmarks.

17. Window Art

Color your squirrel pages, cut out the squirrel images and stick them onto your windows. Watch how beautiful sunlight filters through the colors!

18. Collages

Use squirrel coloring pages to create a squirrel-themed collage. Keep it all squirrels or add other woodland creatures.

19. Paper Mache

You can use squirrel coloring pages for paper mache projects. Create squirrel-themed bowls, vases, or sculptures.

20. Memory Game

Color and cut out pairs of squirrel images and use these to create a memory game.

21. Table Centerpieces

Create adorable table centerpieces for your next party by coloring and cutting out squirrel images.

22. Gift Wrapping Paper

Take gift-giving to the next level by using your colored squirrel coloring pages as wrapping paper.

23. Home Decor

Frame your colored squirrel pages and hang them around your home. It is a great way to add a hint of fun and personality to your interior.

Embrace the colorful world of squirrels and let your creativity run wild with these squirrel coloring pages!

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