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Baby coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Baby

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18 Things to do With Baby Coloring Pages

Coloring is a wonderful activity for your little one. Not only does it spark creativity, but it aids in the development of crucial fine motor skills. Below are 18 unique ways to have fun with baby coloring pages.

1. Create a Coloring Book

One simple and creative idea is to staple a set of baby coloring pages together to create a custom coloring book. Your child will love flipping through their very own coloring adventure.

2. Make a Storyboard

Encourage your child to practice storytelling by ordering a collection of coloring pages to make a storyboard. This exercise blends artistic expression with the development of narrative skills.

3. Decorate a Bulletin Board

Give your kid’s work the display it deserves. Show off their colorful creations on a special bulletin board in their room or your home office.

4. Send as a Gift

Grandparents and other relatives would cherish a colorful creation from your little one. Mail their favorite pages as a surprise to make someone’s day a bit brighter.

5. Make a Mobile

With some string and a wooden hanger, you can create a homemade mobile to showcase your child’s artwork. This whimsical decoration can be as temporary or permanent as you prefer.

6. Use as Wrapping Paper

For that extra special touch on presents, use your child’s colored-in pages as wrapping paper. Recipients get a unique wrap and a genuine piece of art.

7. Craft a Paper Chain

Older kids can fold completed coloring pages into rings to create a paper chain. These make colorful decorations for their room or parties.

8. Create a Puzzle

Gluing a completed baby coloring page onto a piece of cardboard, and cutting it into fun shapes can create a homemade puzzle. Great for more coloring and a problem-solving exercise in one.

9. Decorate a Photo Album

Using your child’s colored-in baby coloring pages, you can create a beautiful one-of-a-kind cover for a photo album or scrapbook.

10. Design a Bookmark

A completed baby coloring page can be cut into long, thin rectangles to create unique bookmarks for your child or as a charming gift for book-loving friends and family members.

11. Create Party Decor

Baby coloring pages can be turned into fantastic party decorations. Hang them like banners or use them as placemats.

12. Make Fridge Magnets

Cut out sections of colored pages and place them under glass fridge magnets to display your child’s art in the hub of your home.

13. Make a Collage

Use sections from various colored pages to create a fun and vibrant collage on poster board.

14. Bind into a Book

Take several completed pages and bind them together into a colorful, chronicle of your child’s art journey.

15. Create DIY Flashcards

Cut out sections of colored pages and write words on the back to use as homemade flashcards.

16. Make a Mural

Combine various baby coloring pages to make a mural on your child’s wall or on a large piece of poster board – a collaborative work that can grow over time.

17. Use as Thank You Cards

Completed coloring pages folded in half can make pretty and personal thank-you cards.

18. Incorporate in Journal

Help your child to integrate their colorful designs into their daily journaling routine as a creative form of self-expression.

Baby coloring pages offer endless creative possibilities for you and your child to explore. So grab some crayons and let’s color!

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