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Care Bears

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A coloring page of Care Bears

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18 Things To Do With Care Bears Coloring Pages

18 Inspirational and Fun Activities with Care Bears Coloring Pages

If you or your kids love the Care Bears, you’ve come to the right place! Care Bears coloring pages offer a world of creativity and fun. Here are 18 amazing things you can do with them!

1. Create your own Care Bears Storybook with Coloring Pages

Children love making their own storybooks. Use Care Bears coloring pages as illustrations for their story. Let them color, cut and stick the pages into construction paper to make their own book!

2. Care Bears Coloring Contest

Make coloring a fun and interactive event. Hold a Care Bears coloring contest at a birthday party or family gathering. Print out dozens of Care Bears coloring pages and let everyone show off their artistic side!

3. Decorate Your Bedroom with Care Bears

Color your Care Bears pages and hang them on the wall or use to decorate furniture. Make your room bright and colorful with your favorite Care Bears theme.

4. Personalized Care Bears Greeting Cards

Design your own greeting cards! Color your favorite Care Bears coloring pages, cut them out and stick them onto cardstock to make personalized greeting cards for friends and family.

5. Care Bears Collage

Create a Care Bears collage by pasting colored pages onto a poster. It’s a dynamic and colorful decoration for any room!

6. Design Your Own Care Bears Clothes

Create unique Care Bears-themed outfits. Cut out and trace colored pages onto fabric, and sew or iron on as patches for sweatshirts, jeans or t-shirts.

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