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Dinosaur coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Dinosaur

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19 Things to Do with Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaur coloring pages are not merely pages filled with line sketches. They’re gateways into a world of imagination, creativity, and fun for kids and adults alike. Here are 19 fantastic ways to add more adventure into your dinosaur coloring art time.

1. Create a Dinosaur Gallery

First and foremost, why not start a dinosaur gallery at home? Each time your kid completes a dinosaur coloring page, adorn your walls with the vibrant art. Giving a platform to showcase their work can boost their confidence and creativity.

2. Dinosaur-themed Birthday Party

Revamp the idea of birthday parties by using dinosaur coloring pages as a fun activity in the event. Not only does it keep the children engaged, but it also provides them with something fun to take home as a memento.

3. DIY Dinosaur Story Book

Bind the completed dinosaur coloring pages and craft your own dinosaur story book. Your child can become both the author and the illustrator, encouraging both creativity and story-telling skills.

4. Make Dinosaur Puppets

Cut out the colored dinosaurs, attach them to sticks, and voila – dinosaur puppets are ready. These make for a fantastic tool for kids to role-play their favorite dinosaur stories.

5. Wallpaper Art

Completed a lot of dinosaur coloring pages? Turn them into customized wallpaper for your kid’s room. Guaranteed to brighten up the room and infuse it with the dinosaur charm!

6. Dinosaur Greeting Cards

Why buy greeting cards when you can make one at home? Turn the colored dinosaurs into personalized greeting cards, for birthdays, thank you notes or just because!

7. Learning Aid

Use the colored pages to introduce your child to the different types of dinosaurs and fostering an early love for science and paleontology.

8. Table Mats

Laminated dinosaur coloring pages can serve as unique table mats, sparking conversation and making mealtime more exciting!

9. Framed Artwork

Frame some of the best coloring pages to create a personal art gallery in your home. It’s a great way to treasure your child’s early art endeavors.

10. Fun Scavenger Hunts

Create a surprise scavenger hunt using dinosaur coloring pages as the treasure. This creative activity will keep your children entertained and engaged for hours!

11. Transfers for Clothing

Some shops offer services to print your child’s artwork directly onto t-shirts or pullovers. Imagine the delight on seeing their very own dinosaur art come to life on a wearable item!

12. Dinosaur Comics

Encourage creativity and storytelling by guiding your child to create their own dinosaur comic strips using their colored pages.

13. Memory Game

Create a memory game with pairs of colored dinosaur pages. This fun and educational game can improve your child’s memory and observational skills.

14. Dinosaur Collage

A creative idea is to cut out the colored dinosaurs and paste them on a large sheet of paper, making an amazing dinosaur collage!

15. Gift Wrapping Paper

Instead of traditional wrapping paper, use colored dinosaur pages. It adds a personal touch and is an environmentally-friendly option too!

16. Dinosaur Bookmarks

Cut out dinosaur figures, punch a hole in the top, thread ribbon through, and you have personalized dinosaur bookmarks!

17. Origami Dinosaurs

Guide your kids to fold their coloring pages to create fun 3D origami dinosaurs. It combines art with learning and makes for an engaging activity.

18. Postcards

Send distant family members a personalized, colorful dinosaur postcard, sure to brighten up their day.

19. Teach about Recycling

Use the dinosaur pages as teaching props about recycling and learn how to practice sustainability in its most creative form.

These are just a few ways to utilize dinosaur coloring pages beyond the coloring book. The only limit is your imagination!

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