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January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of Basenji

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12 Things to Do with Dog Coloring Pages

Do you feel excited when you see your child’s face light up as they bring a picture to life with colors? Or are you looking for a meditative, relaxing way to unwind during your downtime? Our collection of dog coloring pages, especially focusing on the beautiful Basenji breed, can be just what you need. Here we provide 12 creative ideas to use these engaging Basenji coloring pages.

1. Create Your Personalized Greeting Cards

Transform your Basenji coloring pages into personalized greeting cards. After coloring, cut around the design, stick it onto card paper, and add your personal message. It’s a unique and thoughtful way to connect with loved ones.

2. Make Your Own Basenji Storybook

Creating a storybook can be as easy as coloring several Basenji pages and arranging them in a story sequence. Bind these colored pictures together and there you have it – an original, handmade storybook for your kid!

3. DIY Bookmarks

Cut out the colored Basenji pictures and laminate them to create your own set of bookmarks. An excellent DIY project for your kids to add a personal touch to their reading routine.

4. Design a Collage

Coloring pages can form the basis of a beautiful collage. Stick the colored Basenji pages on a large poster board, and you’ve got a vibrant masterpiece for your wall decoration!

5. Create Your Own Puzzles

Basenji coloring pages can be turned into fun puzzles. Cut the colored pictures into pieces, and have fun reassembling them!

6. Customized Wrapping Paper

Fancy crafting your own wrapping paper? Color in the Basenji pages, laminate them, and there you have it. Personal and eco-friendly wrapping paper!

7. DIY Coasters

Create your own unique coasters using laminated colored Basenji pages. Not only are these practical, but also make a lovely conversation piece when you have friends over.

8.Decorative Plates

Glue your colored Basenji pages onto paper plates for a fun and unique craft project. Perfect for parties or just for decoration, these plates are sure to spark conversations!

9. Homemade Calendar

Create a calendar featuring the gorgeous Basenji. Color your pages, attach them to a large piece of cardboard, and add dates. This unique DIY project can be perfect for your home or office wall!

10. Use for Learning Activities

Use completed Basenji coloring pages as visual aids for teaching about different dog breeds. It’s not just fun but educational too!

11. Create Shadow Puppets

Cut out the colored Basenji images, attach them to sticks, and create your very own shadow puppet theatre!

12. Fabric Transfers

Last but not least, transform your Basenji coloring pages into fabric transfers. Use iron-on transfer paper to print your colored images onto T-shirts, tote bags, and more. A wonderful art project idea with a practical outcome!

Happily explore the world of the playful Basenji through these creative coloring projects. Bring out those crayons, colored pencils or markers, and let your creative juices flow with our Basenji coloring pages. Happy coloring!

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