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Basset Hound

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January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of Basset Hound

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12 Things To Do With Dog Coloring Pages

If you’ve exhausted your kids’ library of fun activity books, or you’re just looking for a new way to spark your child’s creativity and joy for all things pups, why not try some dog coloring pages? We’ve curated 12 inventive and unexpected things you can do with dog coloring pages. They feature an adorable range of canines, including the soulful and delightful Basset Hound coloring pages.

1. Create Your Dream Dog

Use Basset Hound coloring pages to let your child’s imagination run wild. Encourage them to color their Basset any color they like. Who knows, purple Bassets might soon be the in thing!

2. Doggie Wall Art

Collect your favorite completed coloring pages and create a canine-inspired photo gallery. This can be a fun way to decorate your kid’s room with their own artwork, showcasing their love for dogs like the Basset Hound.

3. DIY Storybook

Create your very own doggy-tale storybook. Use colored Basset Hound and other dog pages to make exciting visuals for a bedtime story with your children.

4. Educational Games

Basset Hound coloring pages can be used to teach your child about different dogs. As they color, provide them with cool facts about the breed.

5. Festive Decorations

Use the coloring pages to create dog-themed decorations for any occasion. A Basset Hound birthday banner, anyone?

6. Social Activity

Host a coloring party! Print multiple dog coloring pages, let the kids pick their favorite dog breed and let the fun begin.

7. Gift Wrapping Paper

Finished coloring pages make excellent DIY wrapping paper for small gifts. Imagine the joy when your child wraps a gift in his designed Basset Hound page.

8. Scrapbooking

Add beautifully colored Basset Hound pages to your family scrapbook for a dog-themed adornment.

9. Puppet Show

Get crafty and turn the colored images into dog puppets for a fun-filled puppet show!

10. Dog Breed Recognition

Use the coloring pages as flashcards for children to learn and recognize different dog breeds.

11. Computer Screen Background

Scan your child’s finished artwork and use it as a screen background. A custom Basset Hound wallpaper sounds adorable.

12. Donate to Local Animal Shelters

Coloring pages can be a great way to teach kids about the importance of giving back. Color some pages and donate them to local animal shelters as cheerful decorations.

These dog coloring pages provide an abundance of activity options for your child, sparking imagination, honing their coloring skills, and teaching them about our beautiful furry friends. Happy coloring!

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