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Easy coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Easy

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23 Things to do with Easy Coloring Pages

Easy coloring pages are not just great for kids, but can also be a fun activity for the whole family. Here are 23 creative ways you can utilize easy coloring pages.

1. Family Coloring Night

Organize a family coloring night where everyone gets to color in the designs of their choice. This can be a fun and relaxing activity to do together while also creating memories.

2. Decorations for the Fridge

Let the kids decorate the fridge with completed coloring pages. It not only adds beauty to your house but also boosts the confidence of the little artists.

3. Storytelling Prompts

Easy coloring pages can be a perfect prompt for an impromptu storytelling session, providing visual cues to spark your child’s imagination.

4. Greeting Cards

Turn your colored pages into personalized greeting cards, giving your greetings a personal touch.

5. DIY Bookmarks

Create unique bookmarks with your colored pages. Cut them into strips, add a tassel, and voila! You have a personal bookmark.

6. Wall Art

Frame your favorite colored pages and display them on your walls, to lend a personal touch to your home decor.

7. Placemats

Laminate your child’s colored pages and use them as placemats. A perfect and fun way to make mealtimes more colorful.

8. Collage Creation

Cut out pieces from different colored pages and combine them into a beautiful collage, which can be a fun craft for kids and adults alike.

9. Coloring Contests

Organize a coloring contest with your easy coloring pages. This healthy competition can lead to the creation of numerous colorful masterpieces.

10. Paper Chains

Cut your colored pages into strips and link them together to create vibrant paper chains. Perfect for decorating kids rooms, birthday parties, or school classrooms.

11. Learning Shapes

Use colored pages to help children learn shapes. Cut colored pages into different shapes and ask children to identify them.

12. Jigsaw Puzzles

Cut completed coloring pages into puzzle shapes to create a custom jigsaw puzzle for your kids.

13. Learning Colors

Use the easy coloring pages as a way to help your kids learn and recognize colors.

14. DIY Wrapping Paper

Need a unique way to wrap gifts? Completed coloring pages can double up as wrapping paper, making your gifts stand out with a personal touch.

15. Scrapbooking

Include your favorite colored pages in your scrapbook to add a burst of color and personal charm.

16. Photo Frames

Use completed coloring pages to create colorful and unique DIY photo frames.

17. Origami Paper

Your colored pages can be a beautiful option for origami paper. Express your creativity by transforming them into delicate three-dimensional forms.

18. Window Art

Use your colored pages to create beautiful window art. Your windows will come to life with vibrant colors, catching the eye of anyone passing by.

19. DIY Envelopes

Your completed coloring pages can make great envelopes for letters or cards. This personal touch is bound to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

20. DIY Lanterns

Use completed coloring pages to make unique and vibrant DIY lanterns to light up your home decor.

21. Classroom Decor

Easy coloring pages are perfect for teachers to use for classroom decoration. Completed colored pages can make wonderful, vibrant bulletin board displays.

22. Home-Made Puzzles

You can also make your own puzzles using easy coloring pages. Cut them into various shapes and invite your child to reassemble them.

23. Joining your kids in coloring

Last but certainly not least: just sit down with your kids and color! It’s a meditative and bonding experience that both you and your kids can enjoy.

Want to get creative? Try making your own coloring page here:

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