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Gingerbread House

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18 Things to Do with Gingerbread House Coloring Pages

18 Things to Do with Gingerbread House Coloring Pages

Unleash your creativity with gingerbread house coloring pages. Explore our 18 fantastic ideas to transform these printable masterpieces into anything from simple childhood fun to DIY decorations.

1. Christmas Cards

Make personalized Christmas cards with these gingerbread house coloring pages. They’re fun to color and your loved ones will appreciate your hand-colored masterpiece!

2. DIY Ornaments

Craft your own Christmas tree decorations. Cut out and color small gingerbread houses, tie them with string, and tada, brand-new ornaments!

3. Story Telling Tool

Stories become more engaging with visuals. Use your colored pages for telling Christmas stories to kids, making the stories come alive.

4. Family Christmas Event

Host a family event where everyone can color their own gingerbread house. This serves as a great bonding activity and doubles as a stress-relieving exercise.

5. DIY Place Cards

Hosting a dinner party? Use small, colored gingerbread house pages as place cards for your guests! Personalize each one to show you went the extra mile.

6. Window Decorations

Decorate your windows for Christmas with delicate, colored gingerbread houses. Don’t forget to use non-permanent glue for easy removal!

7. Gift Tags

Give your holiday gifts a personal touch by tying a beautifully colored gingerbread house as a gift tag.

8. Fridge Art

Young kids love to see their artwork displayed. Put their gingerbread house coloring pages on the fridge as an artistic and festive exhibit.

9. School Project

Small coloring projects can be a great school activity during the festive season. Pro tip: Have a competition and reward the best colored gingerbread house.

10. Envelopes

Make your holiday letters and cards extra special with colored gingerbread house envelopes.

11. Coaster Design

Add a festive touch to your coffee table with gingerbread house coasters! Laminate your colored page and cut it into the shape of a coaster.

12. Coloring Party

Throw a gingerbread house coloring party with friends. It’s a great way to catch up, color, and get into the holiday spirit.

13. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking with gingerbread house coloring pages can help create treasured memories. It’s a fun, creative outlet and a way to preserve the holiday season’s joy.

14. Christmas Banner

Hang a festive banner across your living room made of your colored gingerbread house pages.

15. Library Activities

Libraries often host themed activities for kids. Suggest a gingerbread house coloring session for a holiday activity.

16. Coloring Contest

Host a coloring contest with these pages. It’s a fun and easy idea that can excite everyone, both young and old.

17. Decorate Your Room

Add a festive touch to your bedroom. Hang your colored gingerbread houses on a string and make a holiday-themed garland.

18. Framing

Frame your beautifully colored gingerbread house and hang it on the wall as a part of your Christmas decoration.

Coloring gingerbread house pages isn’t just a pastime activity. With these 18 awesome ideas, they can bring color, joy, and a creative touch to your holiday season.

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