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Halloween coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Halloween

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15 Things to Do with Halloween Coloring Pages

Don’t let the creativity of your child end after they’ve colored each page. Have a look at these 15 creative ways to utilize Halloween coloring pages this spooky season.

1. Make Halloween Decorations

Coloring pages can be transformed into easy and budget-friendly Halloween decorations. Cut out the images, glue them onto cardboard, and hang them up for a festive look.

2. Create Custom Greeting Cards

Send out unique Halloween greetings by using the colored pages as a cover for homemade holiday cards.

3. Design a Halloween Storybook

Collect a series of colored images and string them together to make a festive storybook. It’s an exciting way to encourage creative storytelling!

4. Assemble a Halloween Banner

String together a selection of colored pages to make a cute and unique Halloween banner.

5. Create Halloween Costumes

Get crafty and use your Halloween coloring pages to create Halloween costumes. This can be a cheap and fun way to get into the Halloween spirit.

6. Make a Halloween Placemats

Laminate your child’s masterpiece to make spill-proof Halloween placemats. It’s a festive and practical way to highlight their work.

7. Make Laminated Coasters

Assemble fun and festive coasters by cutting out colored images and laminating them. Perfect for a Halloween party!

8. Create Halloween Bookmarks

Cut strips from the colored pages and laminate them to make spooky bookmarks.

9. Create a Halloween Memory Game

Use pairs of similar images to create a Halloween-themed memory game.

10. Make a Halloween Scrapbook

Use your creative Halloween coloring pages to design a festive scrapbook.

11. Decorate Halloween Gifts

Attach a colored picture on the front of a gift bag or box for an extra special touch.

12. Assemble a Halloween Puzzle

Glue your colored image onto cardboard and cut it into puzzle pieces. This is an excellent way to re-use those masterpieces.

13. Make Halloween Magnets

Adhere a small magnet to the back of a colored image and display it on your fridge for all to see!

14. Create a Halloween Poster

Glue a series of colored pages together to create a large Halloween poster.

15. Frame Your Halloween Artwork

Choose the best of their Halloween coloring pages and frame them. It is a great chance for your child to see how much you appreciate their work.

From scrapbooks to puzzles, there are so many ways to make use of Halloween coloring pages. We hope these ideas inspire your next spooky project!

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