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Mandala coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Mandala

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17 Things to Do with Mandala Coloring Pages

Discover the boundless possibilities of creating art and finding peace with mandala coloring pages. These beautifully intricate designs serve as more than just coloring exercises. Here are 17 fantastic ideas for you to explore and transform your mandala coloring pages into profound masterpieces.

1. Stress Relief Technique

Mandala coloring pages are a popular tool for stress relief. The repetition and attention to detail required allow you to focus your mind and relax, leading to a significant reduction in anxiety levels.

2. Meditation Aid

Pair your relaxing mandala coloring activity with meditation. The act of coloring can be a form of mindfulness meditation as it helps in bringing the mind into a state of calm and focus.

3. Home Decor

You can transform your completed mandala designs into beautiful wall arts. Frame your designs and hang them up as a charismatic add-on to your home decor.

4. Journal Artwork

Mandala coloring pages can be used as an artistic filler for your journal. Personalize and give your writing space a vibrant and fun makeover.

5. Customized Bookmarks

Turn your finished mandala designs into colorful bookmarks. Laminate them for durability and enjoy your reading sessions with your customized bookmarks.

6. Greeting Cards

Cut and fold your finished mandala coloring pages into colorful greeting cards. Fill it with a heartfelt message for a personalized touch on special occasions.

7. DIY Coasters

Create a lively set of coasters with your colored mandala designs. Make sure to laminate them before use for longevity.

8. Wrapping Paper

Turn your mandala coloring pages into unique wrapping paper. Gift your loved ones with presents wrapped in your beautifully colored designs.

9. Tote Bag Prints

Craft identifiable and unique tote bag prints using your mandala artwork. It’s an excellent way to carry your artwork wherever you go.

10. DIY Stickers

With the aid of sticker paper, your coloring pages can turn into unique, handmade stickers. Use these to decorate your notebooks, laptops, and more.

11. Scrapbooking

Mandala designs can add a touch of elegance and color to your scrapbook pages. Use them as backgrounds or as decorations for an artistic flair on your pages.

12. Coloring Parties

Host a coloring party using mandala coloring pages. It’s a fun and therapeutic activity that encourages creativity among children and adults alike.

13. Gift Tags

Cut out small sections from your colored mandala pages to create uniquely designed gift tags. Attach them to gifts for a personal touch.

14. Paper Mache Crafts

Include your mandala coloring pages in your paper mache crafts. These colored pages will add eye-catching designs to your crafts.

15. Coloring Contests

Hold a coloring contest using mandala coloring pages as an exciting activity during family gatherings or parties. Reward the most creative design with a special prize.

16. Laminated Placemats

Convert your finished and laminated mandala designs into charming placemats. Enjoy your meals with a touch of your artistic creations.

17. Personalized Calendar

Create a unique calendar using your colored mandala designs. Each month can display a different mandala creation, making it a vibrant visual treat all year-round.

Impeccable mandala coloring pages offer a myriad of creative possibilities. Unleash your artistic side and give each task your personal touch for a more intimate experience. Let your imagination run free with your mandala coloring pages!

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