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Angry Pikachu

Pikachu coloring pages

January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of Angry Pikachu

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15 Exciting Things to Do with Pikachu Coloring Pages

Are you looking for unique, fun, and creative activities to do with our Angry Pikachu coloring pages? Look no further. We have you covered with these 15 fantastic ideas that children and adults alike will enjoy.

1. Color and Frame

Breathe life into our Angry Pikachu coloring pages by adding color. Once you’re done, showcase your artwork by framing it. It’s a fun and affordable way to personalize your spaces!

2. Pikachu-Themed Party

Planning a birthday party? What better way than to throw a Pikachu-themed party! Use Angry Pikachu coloring pages as part of the party décor or as an activity for the guests.

3. DIY Greeting Cards

Make your own greeting cards by coloring, cutting out and pasting your Angry Pikachu on card stock. It’s a personal and creative way to express your feelings.

4. Wallpaper Collage

Collect a variety of Pikachu coloring pages, color them, and use them to create a stunning collage on your wall. It’s a surefire way to jazz up your room and showcase your artistic skills.


Never lose your page again! Cut out, color, and laminate our Angry Pikachu coloring pages to create bookmarks. Sweet, simple, and practical!

6. Pikachu Art Exhibit

Host an art exhibit at home! Display your colorful Angry Pikachu pages for everyone to see and appreciate. Who knows, you might inspire someone else to join the coloring fun!

7. Memory Game

Create a Pikachu themed memory game. Color two identical Pikachu pages the same way, cut them out, mix and match. Perfect for a brain-boosting pastime!

8. Storytelling

Color the Angry Pikachu pages and use them to tell or create a catchy story. This is a fun and imaginative way to improve storytelling and language skills!

9. Scrapbooking

Color the Pikachu pages and paste them into your scrapbook. A perfect addition to capture and cherish memories!

10. Puzzles

Create your own Pikachu puzzle. Color a page, adhere it to cardboard, then cut out puzzle pieces. A great DIY project for puzzle lovers!

11. Mobile Decor

Color, cut out, and string together several Pikachu pages to create a delightful mobile for your space. A lively and playful décor idea!

12. Gift Wrapping

Personalize your gift wrapping by using a colored Angry Pikachu page. It adds a unique touch and it’s environmentally friendly too!

13. Collaborative Coloring

Invite friends or family members to color a Pikachu page with you. It’s a fun way to bond and add an array of colors to your Pikachu.

14. Theme Days

Create theme days where you color Pikachu in different ways based on the theme. Be it seasonal, holidays, or events, let your Pikachu represent your mood!

15. Coloring Competition

Host a coloring competition with our Angry Pikachu coloring pages. Compete with friends or family. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing activity to enjoy quality time together!

With these ideas, your Angry Pikachu coloring pages are not just coloring pastimes but can be an exciting adventure to delve into. So, grab your coloring tools, roll up your sleeves and start coloring!

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