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January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of Lapras

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15 Exciting Things to Do with Pokemon Coloring Pages

When it comes to the world of Pokemon, there’s a lot you can do with coloring pages. Whether you’re a fan of Pikachu or a die-hard Mimikyu supporter, going beyond coloring within the lines can open up numerous possibilities. Here are 15 exciting ideas to help you uncover your wild card as you enjoy your array of Pokemon coloring pages, especially Lapras coloring pages!

1. Create Your Own Pokemon Storybook

Love telling tales? Why not create your own Pokemon storybook, bringing it to life with unique Lapras coloring pages. Color your Lapras just how you’d love them in your story; light blue, dark blue, or even purple. Make your imagination come alive!

2. Exclusive Lapras Fridge Decor

How about coloring your favorite Lapras and posting it on the refrigerator door? It will not only create a cherished memory but will also lend your kitchen a cosy, colorful vibe.

3. Pokemon Birthday Party

If you’re planning a birthday party for a Pokemon fan, what could be more exciting than having Pokemon-themed decorations? Start with Lapras coloring pages, and extend to other Pokemon too for an all-round Pokemon universe!

4. Create Your Own Pokemon Cards

Your old Pokemon cards get lost or torn? No worries! Just get some hard paper, cut them into card sizes and paste your beautifully colored Lapras on them. Now you’ve got your own Pokemon card!

5. Lapras Bookmark Designs

If you or your kid is a bookworm, creating Pokemon bookmarks from your completed Lapras coloring pages can be an awesome project that combines reading with Pokemon fun.

6. Pokemon Window Art

You’ve probably seen those beautiful stained glass window arts. How about trying one of your own with Lapras coloring pages? Just ensure that the colors you use are translucent so that the light can pass through your masterpiece.

7. Pokemon Wall Decors

Decorate your room with your favorite colored Pokemon. Post your uniquely colored Lapras on the wall and give it a personal touch. Lavish your room with fun Pokemon vibes!

8. DIY Pokemon Puzzle

Cut your completed Lapras coloring page into unique shapes and get your kids to figure out how to piece the Pokemon together. This is a fun way to improve their problem-solving skills while engaging with Pokemon.

9. Pokemon-themed Scrapbook

Keep all your colored Pokemon pages, including your Lapras, in a scrapbook. Display your progress, remember good times, and see how your coloring skills have improved over time.

10. Art Portfolio

Compile your best-colored Lapras and other Pokemon pages in an art portfolio. Show off your coloring talent and share your Pokemon love with friends and family.

11. Pokemon Crafts

Create 3D crafts, like paper machĂ© or origami, based on your colored Lapras. This is a more challenging activity, but it’s well worth the effort.

12. Pokemon Mobile

Make a hanging mobile using various Pokemon, but prominently featuring your Lapras colorings. Hang it from your ceiling and watch your Pokemon universe revolve!

13. Create Pokemon Masks

Create masks of your colored Pokemon characters. How fun it would be to role play your favorite Pokemon characters at home!

14. Send a Pokemon-themed Postcard

Send your colored Lapras page as a postcard to your Pokemon-loving friends. It’ll uplift their spirits and strengthen your bond.

15. Pokemon-themed Quilt or Blanket

This could be a long-term project, but you can use your colored Lapras and other Pokemon pages as designs for a quilt or a blanket. A cut-and-sew project could be quite satisfying.

Break the norms, think out of the box and do something more than just adding colors with these exciting activities. Remember, Pokemon coloring pages are not only about coloring but also about imagination and creativity.

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