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Spring coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Spring

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17 Things to do with Spring Coloring Pages

Looking for some fun, educational and creative activities to do with your spring coloring pages? Look no further! Here, we will give you 17 exciting ideas that will keep you and your little ones entertained all season long.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Spring is synonymous with Easter celebrations. Hide small spring coloring pages within Easter eggs for children to find. Once found, they can spend the rest of the day coloring their special findings, thereby combining outdoor play with indoor creativity.

2. Color by Numbers

Create a unique learning moment by turning spring coloring pages into a color-by-numbers activity. This not only encourages creativity but also enhances numeracy skills in a fun and engaging manner.

3. Outdoor Exhibit

After your children have colored their spring coloring pages, showcase their art in an outdoor exhibit. This helps nurture their artistic skills and boosts their confidence as they see their work appreciated.

4. Coloring Contest

Organize a coloring contest with your spring coloring pages. This can be a lot of fun, and it gives everyone a chance to showcase their coloring skills.

5. Nature Inspirations

Art and nature go hand in hand. Encourage your child to experience the vibrant colors and shapes in nature and replicate them in their drawings.

6. Greeting Cards

Colored spring pages can be turned into unique, handcrafted greeting cards, perfect for any occasion. This infuses love and creativity into the tradition of greetings card giving.

7. Homemade Storybooks

The creative adventures drawn in your child’s spring coloring pages can be compiled into a homemade storybook. Let your child exercise their creative writing skills by creating stories centered on their pictures.

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17. Mobiles and Wind Chimes

Bring a splash of color to your home by incorporating your kid’s spring coloring pages into crafty mobiles and wind chimes. This activity is not only fun, but it also helps develop fine motor skills.

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