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A Curious Star Reading A Book With A Chatty Monkey

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January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of A Curious Star Reading A Book With A Chatty Monkey

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17 Things to Do with A Curious Star Reading A Book With A Chatty Monkey Coloring Pages

Let the magic of our “A Curious Star Reading A Book With A Chatty Monkey” coloring pages entertain your kids. They are a great way to kindle creativity, enhance concentration, and light up any leisure day with lots of fun.

1. Storytelling

Use the coloring page as a storytelling guide. Unleash your inner author and craft exciting tales with colorful characters. The chatty monkey and curious star create a vibrant setting for a story.

2. Art Display

Transforming the walls of your child’s room into an art gallery can boost their self-esteem. Hang the coloring pages on the wall after they’re done with their artistic adventure.

3. Origami Paper

These coloring pages can be more than just a drawing pad. After your kids color them, they could be perfectly crafted into beautiful origami creations.

4. Card Making

Standard greeting cards do not offer the personalized touch of a handmade card. Experience the crafting fun using our coloring pages to create bespoke birthday, Christmas, or ‘just because’ cards.


Nothing says ‘book lover’ like a unique bookmark. After coloring the page, cut a part of it into a bookmark stripe. Let the chatty monkey and curious star guide you through your reading adventures.

6. DIY Puzzle

Turn the coloring page into a homemade puzzle. Cut it into different shapes after coloring and enjoy putting it back together. By doing so, you are fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

7. Scrapbooking

Retain the cute coloring pages in a scrapbook to preserve colorful memories.

8. Gift Wrap

Coloring pages can double as decorative eco-friendly gift wrap. So go ahead and wrap your gifts in these artistic prints your kids worked on.

9. Paper Mache

Combine colored pages with glue and water to make dynamic paper mache projects.

10. Create a Comic Book

Encourage the comic book enthusiast in your kid. Bind together sequential story pages adorned with these coloring illustrations to create a unique comic book.

11. Placemats

Laminate the colored pages to use them as vibrant dining-table mats. These DIY placemats are sure to brighten up your meal times.

12. Learning Aid

Using coloring sheets as a learning aid can introduce fun into education. Practice reading, writing, color identification, and more with these resourceful coloring pages.

13. Drawing Reference

The coloring pages can act as a drawing reference. Use them to encourage your child to draw their versions of the curious star and chatty monkey.

14. Paper Ornaments

Create lovely festive ornaments with the help of these colored pages.

15. Paper Dolls

Cut out the curious star and chatty monkey to make cute paper dolls that your child can play with.

16. Collage

Build a vibrant collage using parts of various coloring pages. It will be a great add-on to your child’s art portfolio.

17. Memory Game

Arrange several colored pages face down. The player must find pairs of the exact same image, fostering memory and recognition abilities.

Experience endless fun and learning with our “A Curious Star Reading A Book With A Chatty Monkey” coloring pages. Happy coloring!

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