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The Little Mermaid

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A coloring page of The Little Mermaid

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6 Things to do with The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

6 Things to do with The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

1. Classic Coloring Fun

With a broad spectrum of colors and a pair of artistic hands, The Little Mermaid coloring pages can transform into a magical underwater adventure. Children will immensely enjoy coloring these beautifully drawn illustrations, featuring their favorite mermaid, Ariel, and her sea companions. This activity can be an excellent opportunity for kids to explore their artistic side.

2. Create a Storybook

Turn these coloring pages into beautiful storybooks. After coloring the pages, kids can organize them to replicate the story of Ariel, or they can make-up their imaginative tales. This activity promotes not only creativity but also storytelling skills.

3. Decorate a Child’s Room

The Little Mermaid coloring pages, once filled with colors, can be a perfect wall decor for a little girl’s bedroom or playroom. This idea allows children to personalize their space with their own masterpiece. It reinforces creativity and ownership.

4. Craft a Thematic Scrapbook

Instead of leaving these coloring pages to gather dust, encourage kids to create a Little Mermaid-themed scrapbook. They can add glitters, stickers, and even write their thoughts beside their art. This activity helps kids to express their thoughts and boost their creativity.

5. Host a Coloring Competition

Setting up a “The Little Mermaid” coloring competition can be a great idea for a birthday party or a casual playdate. This friendly competition provides an avenue for children to showcase their coloring skills and stimulate their love for art.

6. Design Custom Greeting Cards

Why buy greeting cards when your child can create their own? The Little Mermaid coloring pages can be resized and turned into charming greeting cards. This personal touch will surely make friends and family smile, plus it’s a fun activity for your child!

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