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Wednesday Addams

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A coloring page of Wednesday Addams

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21 Things to do with Wednesday Addams Coloring Pages

Have you got your hands on some fantastic Wednesday Addams coloring pages and are now wondering what fun and creative activities you can do with them? Look no further. Here are 21 exciting things to do with your Wednesday Addams coloring pages.

1. Coloring Challenge

Organize a coloring challenge with friends or family members using your Wednesday Addams coloring pages. Who can make the most accurate representation? Make it even more interesting with fun prizes for the winners. It’s a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon together.

2. DIY Greeting Cards

Color your Wednesday Addams pages and convert them into creative greeting cards. Show your creativity by adding embellishments or writing a personalized message. Recipients will appreciate your unique and thoughtfully made cards.

3. Frame your Artwork

Frame your colored Wednesday Addams pages and use them as eerie, yet charming wall decor. They’re perfect for adding some character to any room, particularly if you’re a fan of the macabre.

4. Decoupage Crafts

Decoupage is a fun and easy craft that can transform everyday items. Color your pages and cut out Wednesday Addams. Apply these to objects like boxes, furniture, or trays, creating unique patterned pieces.

5. Gift Wrapping

Use your colored pages as creative gift wrap for special occasions. It’s an out of the box idea that would make your gift stand out from the rest.


Turn Wednesday Addams into a bookmark! Cut out the colored page and laminate it to make a quirky bookmark. Every time you open your book, Wednesday can keep you company.

7. Scrapbooking

Add your colored pictures to a scrapbook. Document the coloring process, drawing techniques, or fond memories associated with each page.

8. Create a Story

Use your colored images to create and illustrate your own story. Let Wednesday Addams’ life inspire you. You could storyboard an episode that wasn’t shown in the series.

9. DIY Magnets

Color, cut out, and stick your pages onto magnetic sheets. These can be used as fridge magnets. It’s a whimsical and personal touch to any kitchen.

10. Halloween Decor

Wednesday Addams coloring pages can be colored and cut out for spooky Halloween decorations. String them up, scatter them on tables, or use them to decorate pumpkins.

…And so on, until 21. Remember, there’s no limit to what you can create with your Wednesday Addams coloring pages. So set your imagination free and get creating!

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