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Barbie coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Barbie

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20 Things to do with Barbie Coloring Pages

Looking for creative and fun ways to use Barbie coloring pages? Look no further! We have gathered twenty fantastic ideas that will keep you entertained while exploring the world of Barbie. So grab your colorful pens, crayons or paint and let’s get started!

1. Host a Barbie Coloring Party

Why not gather your friends for a delightful afternoon full of art, laughter, and color? Not only does this make for an engaging activity, it also offers an opportunity to showcase your creativity and artistic skills by making unique Barbie coloring pages.

2. Create Barbie Themed Decorations

Decorate your own Barbie-themed room by colorfully designing Barbie coloring pages and using them as wall art. Let your creativity shine through and make your room come alive with Barbie colors.

3. Let’s Go Digital

Ever thought about editing your Barbie coloring pages digitally? Try scanning your colored pages and use graphic designing apps to add beautiful effects, making them even more vibrant and fun.

4. Embellishments with Barbie coloring pages

Make your own Barbie embellishments or ornaments using Barbie coloring pages. Cut out the Barbie figures once they are colored, and attach them to a piece of string or craft wire to hang them as decorations.

5. Barbie Themed Story Telling

Create your own unique Barbie adventure story and use different Barbie coloring pages to visually represent each part of the story. Not only does this support creativity, but it also promotes literacy skills in a fun manner.

6. Birthday Gift Wrapping

Upgrade your gift wrapping game! Once you’ve colored your Barbie coloring pages, use them as unique gift wrap. This personal touch will surely make the recipient feel special.

7. Make a Barbie Photo Album

Create a magical Barbie photo album by using your Barbie coloring pages as page backgrounds. This way, each photo will be framed by a beautiful, unique Barbie-themed page.

8. Color and Swap

Try a color and swap meet-up with your friends! Each person brings a sheet of completed Barbie coloring pages and you can all share and trade your masterpieces for more diversity in your collection.

9. Barbie Coloring Contest

Host a Barbie coloring contest among your friends or at a party. This is a fun competition where everyone can demonstrate their artistic skills using Barbie coloring pages.

10. Use them as Greeting Cards

Create personalized greeting cards by using Barbie coloring pages. Color them in, write a nice message, and gift them to your loved ones. These handmade cards are sure to be appreciated by any recipient.

Want to get creative? Try making your own coloring page here:

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