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Santa And His Reindeer

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A coloring page of Santa And His Reindeer

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16 Things to Do with Christmas Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids busy this festive season, why not explore the world of Christmas coloring pages? They’re not just for coloring – here are 16 engaging and exciting things you can do with them. And don’t forget, Santa and his reindeer coloring pages are always a big hit!

1. Create a Christmas Story

Use your Santa and his reindeer coloring pages to illustrate a Christmas bedtime story. Children can color the pages while you narrate the story. This is a great combination of play and learning!

2. Personalize Holiday Greetings

Cut out the colored Santa or reindeer and attach them to the front of homemade greeting cards. This personalized touch will make your holiday greetings even more heartfelt and special.

3. Themed Bookmarks

Laminating your colored pages can create beautiful Christmas-themed bookmarks. These make excellent gifts for book lovers or can be used in your own Christmas reading.’

4. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Create DIY Christmas ornaments by cutting out and attaching your Santa and his reindeer coloring pages to a piece of cardboard, then adding a ribbon to hang it on the tree. It’s a fun and unique way to add to your Christmas decoration.

5. Christmas Countdown Calendar

Create a Christmas countdown by numbering 24 different coloring pages from Santa and his reindeer. Each day, children color in a page.

6. Holiday Wall Art

Affix colored-in pages onto cardstock, frame them, and voila, you’ve got holiday wall art!

7. Memory Game

Print two sets of various Christmas themed coloring pages. After the kids color them, cut out individual figures to create a memory matching game.

8. Host a Coloring Contest

Santa and his reindeer coloring pages can be the center of a fun-filled coloring competition. Whoever stays in the lines best or has the most creative color combination could win a small prize!

9. Christmas Story Board

Create a story board using various Christmas coloring pages. This could be a part of teaching children the true essence of Christmas.

10. Fun Place Mats

Children can color their Christmas coloring pages, which can be laminated to make fun place mats for the Christmas table.

11. Make a Puppet Show

Cut out Santa and his reindeer from your coloring pages to create puppets for a fun Christmas puppet show.

12. DIY Christmas Banner

Create a festive banner by stringing together various Christmas coloring pages you’ve colored. Hang the banner over the fireplace or in the kids’ room for a festive touch.

13. Create a Comic Strip

Using the various coloring pages, children can create a Christmas comic strip, chronicling Santa’s journey around the world.

14. Festive Collage

Cut out various figures from your coloring pages and arrange them on a large piece of paper to create a festive collage.

15. Personalize Stockings

Glue colored-in Santa or reindeer onto plain Christmas stockings for a unique and personalized touch.

16. Christmas Puzzle

Create a Christmas puzzle game by cutting Santa and his reindeer coloring pages into pieces. Mix them up and let the kids put them back together again!

With these creative ideas, your Santa and his reindeer coloring pages will provide hours of festive fun. So, whip out those coloring pencils and let the Christmas coloring begin!

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