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Santa Claus

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A coloring page of Santa Claus

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15 Things to do with Christmas Coloring Pages

Introducing creativity to traditional Christmas festivities is a beautiful way to foster family bonds and make special memories. We’re here to inspire you with 15 innovative ideas for your Santa Claus coloring pages!

1. Homemade Santa Claus Greeting Cards

Use your beautifully colored Santa Claus pages to craft unique greeting cards. Great for close family, friends, or a treasured teacher, these handmade sentiments add a personal touch to the holidays.

2. Santa Claus Festive Garland

A Santa Claus themed garland can add a colorful touch to your home this season. Cut out your vibrant Santa Claus portraits from your coloring pages and string them together to create a festive display.

3. Gift Tags

Use bits and pieces from your colored pages to create custom gift tags. Punch a hole, lace with a ribbon, and write the recipient’s name for an extra touch of personalization.

4. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Laminating your finished Santa Claus coloring pages can turn them into personalized ornaments. An opportunity to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree.

5. Advent Calendar

Why not create a homemade Advent Calendar? Use Santa Claus coloring pages for the front faces. Children will thoroughly enjoy opening these each day.

6. DIY Storybook

Gather your children’s Santa Claus images and make them into a personalized Christmas storybook. Round off the day with a seasonal bedtime story starring their artwork!

7. Table Mats

Protect your table while adding some festive cheer. Laminate your Santa Claus coloring pages to become colorful table mats for your family Christmas dinner.

8. Place Cards

Cut out shapes from your Santa Claus coloring pages, fold them and write the name of each guest for unique and creative place cards at the dinner table.

9. Wrapping Paper

Instead of buying commercially made wrapping paper, use your children’s coloring pages to create gift wrap that’s as sentimental as the gift itself.

10. Framed Artwork

Show off your child’s creativity by framing their best Santa Claus coloring pages. They make excellent seasonal decorations.

11. Christmas Bunting

String together your colored pages to create a cheery Christmas bunting – a perfect addition to door frames or mantelpieces over the festive season.

12. Fancy Bookmark

A laminated coloring page with a holiday theme makes a unique bookmark. A perfect handmade gift for the bookworms in your family.

13. Festive Postcards

Friendly greetings await when you turn your Santa Claus coloring pages into festive postcards. Excellent to send to friends and family far away!

14. Sharing through Social Media

Post the completed Santa Claus coloring pages on social media. Share the joy, creativity and holiday spirit with those you’re connected with online.

15. Just for Fun

Last but not least, simply coloring festive pages can be an ideal way to relax and get into the holiday spirit. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own vibrant Santa Claus images.

Let your imagination and creativity sparkle this Christmas with our Santa Claus coloring pages. We’re excited to see the wonderful things you’ll create!

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